PVC carpentry made of high quality materials with double sealing, by the leading German manufacturer, SALAMANDER, streamline SL rounded and in 3D options, with steel galvanized core in the full range of door and window frames.

Windows manufactured by the “Salamander profile” are durable, easy to maintain and resistant to different weather conditions.

The plastic made windows are already very cost-effective in the production process, and because of modern multi-chamber Salamander profiles they are excellent heat insulators. Smooth surface of the Salamander profile makes maintenance easier. No further processing required.

Our windows provide preventive fire protection, because the material itself reacts so that in the first stage of the fire breaks it will prevent its further expansion.

The windows are steel reinforced, they have built-in specially developed safety fittings and are thus safe from burglary.

It is possible to install all types of glass for the thermal and sound insulation.

– Extremely stylish and wide frames
– Very stable, multichamber systems with very good isolation properties
– Wind protection with four lifetime special sealing gaskets
– Significantly reducing pollution and heating bill
– Great sound insulation that will make your days calmer and more enjoyable
– Climatic and weather-resistant materials
– Coating is not required
– Smooth hygienic surface is easy to maintain
– Guaranteed stability due to metal reinforcements
– Modern thermal and high-value insulating glazing


– Window & door systems
– Burgmann 5 chambers
– BluEvolution 82
– MD 6 chambers
– Golden Oak
– Wallnut
– Orah